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Gaggle of Governors

25 years of Vermont cartoons by Tim Newcomb.

Selections from 1983-2008.

"This wee volume may not have the heft of a college textbook, but you are holding a modern history of Vermont. Cartoonist Tim Newcomb has been as important a critic and commentator as any, upon the social, political, and environmental evolution of this lovely but odd little state. A Gaggle of Governors is a 25-year retrospective of Newcomb's work from 1983 to 2008, a period covering the reigns upon State Street (in Montpelier) of Governors Richard Snelling, Madeleine Kunin, Howard Dean, and James Douglas. They, however, are little more than the figureheads for this collection of wonderful, memorable cartoons. Newcomb has always looked from the ground up, capturing the posturing and pretenses (and the humanity, too, it must be said) of our vaunted leaders from the perspective of common, likable, 'normal' Vermonters. The contrast delivers rich irony - and damn good humor."

Will Lindner

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