Political Cartoons 2017

Race car driver Governor Phil Scott adjusting to being driven around. 1-11-2017
Faced with impending federal budget cuts, legislator in Appropriations committee says he'd like to be transferred to the Committee on Lost Pets. 1-18-2017
a sea of protestors and signs around Vermont statehouse 1-25-2017
Behind the wheel of a car, Gov. Scott asks passengers in the back seat whether they doubted his ability to shift gears politically. 2-1-2017
Groundhog emerges from burrow, sees Trump shadow and predicts four years of harsh winter. 2-8-2017
PFOA plastics polluting company waterboards critics 2-15-2017
Governor Scott returns from trip to Quebec to find Lt. Gov. Zuckerman, acting governor while Scott is away, has passed many democratic agenda items. 2-22-2017
Governor Scott about to be beheaded by Trump for complaining about federal cuts to state budgets 3-1-2017
At a Town Meeting dominated by concerns about national issues, person raises hand and asks that Town Meeting not forget about local issues. 3-8-2017
Donald Trump calls for draining the swamp, but Medicaid people in hospital, noting that Trump wants to gut the program, says, 3-15-2017
Farmer looking at state revenues dripping into a maple syrup boiling pan and asking Gov. Scott how the syrup is looking. Scott says 3-22-2017
Gov. Scott asks how to close the budget gap, farmer blows pot smoke in Scott's face that represents the projected tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue. Scott realizes pain could be reduced in more than one way. 3-29-2017
People sick of the ongoing cold, snow, and ice. 4-5-2017
Man in car swallowed by mud, saying he's celebrating earth day by being one with it. 4-19-2017
Party Unity? Lt. Gov. Zuckerman, pleased about the emanate passing a pot measure, is shut down by House Speaker Mitzi Johnson 4-26-2017
Governor Scott in racing car emblazoned with his campaign themes saying he'll take his victories where he can get them. 5-3-2017
Guy in chair exclaiming that the state may have to tighten it's belt. Woman doing dishes in ramshackle house saying 5-10-2017
Gov. Scott and Tim Ashe playing badminton, batting taxpayers and teachers over a net labeled School Health Insurance contracts 5-17-2017
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Four kids walking down a path with Donald Trump masks on. The lead child comments that the Trump masks were probably the obvious choice for a scary Halloween costume. 11-1-2017
Newcomb Studios